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TriBandz™ are silicone bracelets with 3 openings for insertable images, called Tibbz™


They are many different themed packages, so you can choose your favorite themes and insert them into your TriBandz™.


With so many to choose from the possibilites are endless and unique.

TriBandz™ are available n 6 colors (Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Green and Black).

There are also 3 different sizes (Youth, Teen, and Adult)

Sizes (wrist circumference in inches)

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Youth - 7 inches

Teen - 7.5 inches

Adult - 8 inches

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Tibbz™ are fun interchangable images.There are 36 different categories and 1,000 different images to choose from.


TriBandz ™ Copyright ­­© 2015

TriBandz are made safely in China and distributed in the United States.